MyBudget – new beta

A big thanks to our betatesters, we could find and fix lots of bugs so quickly, that we could build in new features and improvements as well.

Betatesters: Download the newest version and keep up the good work :)

Best regards

Flojo Soft

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  1. DasJott June 11th, 2006 12:14 pm

    - graph was drawn from 3 different dates on, it should already draw with 2.
    - average per day display showed nonsense
    - password handling was buggy

    - speeded up preference handling
    - speeded up the print preview panel
    - date is setable to a various set of formats (hard thing, cause almost everything needed to be changed then)

    - Revision number is shown in about window

    …and many things I forgot.
    Of course new bugs were introduced, that are to be found ;)
    Please go on reporting everything you think is buggy or annoying.

    Best regards
    Flojo soft

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