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Thank to all who use MyShoutcast and provided feedback! A special thank goes to the translators bs0 for (plPL), Rémi (frFR), Dragos S. (roRO), Begasus (nlNL and beBE) and Koki (jaJP).

Download the language files archive and unzip it in the MyShoutcast folder.

Give me the archive!

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MyShoutcast available

Hi to all, we offer you our first free application, MyShoutcast. As the name says, it has to do with shoutcast. With this application you can search for radiostreams on the shoutcast-server.

* Search for song title, artist or genre
* Launch directly the website of the streaming host
* Store your favourites
* Localized/ easy localizable (please send us additional files to info at flojo-soft com)

Make sure you assigned the file type audio/x-scpls to an application (SoundPlay or MediaPlayer). We got best results using SoundPlay as player.

Download MyShoutcast on our Download page.


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MyContacts 1.0 released

We are proud to announce the first version of our contact manager MyContacts. After the developing time and beta testing phase the software is now in a quite stable state, though, software is rarely bug free. Therefore we put the bug tracker online.
MyContacts is priced at 15,00 € and can be bought via Paypal. Also, 10% of the price will go to the Haiku project as thank for keeping BeOS alive.
Now, don’t hesitate to visit the MyContacts page and read the features.

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Bug Tracker opened

As in the next time MyContacts will be released in version 1.0, we thought of a bug tracking system to make it easier for us and for our customers/beta testers to report feature wishes and bugs and keep track of them. The bug tracker we use is an opensource project on and is called Bug Tracker.
You can access the Bug Tracker from the Flojo-Soft Bug Tracker item in the menu link list or directly through
Sorry for the circumstances, but we switched to another Bug Tracker System now, as it gives us the possibility to add documents, FAQs and it also has a simple CRM integrated.

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Betatester for MyContacts wanted

Hi folks! Yes, we are still around, the summer hole has closed and we have again more time for Flojo-Soft. Now, that MyContacts has reached a really usuable state, we are looking for betatesters for it. In order to give anyone the chance to become a betatester, we are asking for ones which are not already betatesters for our other software, MyBudget. This way we can also guarantee, that software doesn’t look and behave like we and the betateam find it has to do.
If you are interested, please write an email to info [at] flojo-soft [dot] com. Have also a look to the screenshots we put online here!


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A little something

While the very newest update of MyBudget was shipped to our customers yesterday, we want to go further and want to make them a little present.

MyPasswords is a nice and small application that will be shipped out to all our customers and to the betatesters. It is a password manager and stores all your login data and passwords you have. A master-username and master-password save your data you don’t have to remind then anymore.

Best regards


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MyBudget 1.0 available

Flojo-Soft is proud to announce the availability of MyBudget 1.0. After a long period of testing and bugfixing, this release is now declared bugfree by our testers. MyBudget is available as demo version to download, which is restricted to 10 items in both, expenses and payments. Further, there is a 6 second window on startup. The fullversion is available for 19,95 €. for the Zeta OS and for BeOS R5. See screenshots here.

You can read more about MyBudget features here.

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MyBudget 1.0 nearly finished

Hello again,

we are proud to be able to inform you that our financial software MyBudget 1.0 is nearly finished. Bugs found and reported by our betatesters were fixed, some bugfree features have been added. You find new screenshots in the Screenshot section of our site. Check back in a few days and you’ll find a demo version to download.

Sincerly yours,

Flojo Soft

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MyBudget – new beta

A big thanks to our betatesters, we could find and fix lots of bugs so quickly, that we could build in new features and improvements as well.

Betatesters: Download the newest version and keep up the good work 🙂

Best regards

Flojo Soft

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MyBudget 1.0 Beta released

MyBudget 1.0 Beta was released to our betatesters now. We hope the feedback will be as good as we hope. We will keep you informed.

Flojo Soft


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