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MyShoutcast Feedback

Thank to all who use MyShoutcast and provided feedback! A special thank goes to the translators bs0 for (plPL), RĂ©mi (frFR), Dragos S. (roRO), Begasus (nlNL and beBE) and Koki (jaJP).

Download the language files archive and unzip it in the MyShoutcast folder.

Give me the archive!

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MyShoutcast available

Hi to all, we offer you our first free application, MyShoutcast. As the name says, it has to do with shoutcast. With this application you can search for radiostreams on the shoutcast-server.

* Search for song title, artist or genre
* Launch directly the website of the streaming host
* Store your favourites
* Localized/ easy localizable (please send us additional files to info at flojo-soft com)

Make sure you assigned the file type audio/x-scpls to an application (SoundPlay or MediaPlayer). We got best results using SoundPlay as player.

Download MyShoutcast on our Download page.


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